Cuban Negotiations

Cuba Once seen as an enemy of the United States of America, Cuba is now a new partner with this country. The question too many may be how did that happen and what is next? Senior Leaders need to understand the history of Cuba and how the relationship was ruined with the United States of America so we can overcome these differences to help strengthen relationships within the region. This paper will discuss the background, government, strategic importance, and future direction of Cuba.
Cuba was originally discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 27, 1492 and fell under Spain’s control for the next 406 years. The United States of America helped Cuba earn their independence from Spain in 1898 in large part because the Secretary
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(Obama, 2015) With Cuba only being 90 miles off the coast of Florida, it is also important to have a strong relationship so other enemy countries of the United States are not able to do what Russia did and set up missiles that close to the American border. This will also give Cuba the opportunity to have sanctions lifted on them from the United States of America so they can then import and export from their neighbor and possibly fix the economic woes that are being felt in Cuba. Seeing the strategic importance of Cuba, next this paper can focus on the future direction of …show more content…
No doubt there is an expectation that in building this friendship with the United States of America, Cuba will be expected to work on the equality of rights, their style of government, and the freedom of people’s will in the country of Cuba. (Scott, 2015) Cuba is hoping that if the sanctions are lifted by the U.S. government then they can open up to tourist and through their hotels, they can help to lift the economic dismay that they have been feeling. (Dudash, 2015) This can help to build better relationships with the Cuban and American governments and help to build a more secure region in the

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