The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Education

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The manner in question is why critical thinking should be taught in elementary school, middle-school, and high school? First, critical thinking is to enhance a person 's thoughts progressively. Therefore critical thinking would be an effective method to teach adolescents so that when they reach adulthood their brains will be conditioned to think rationally. However, unfortunately a majority of educators can not manage the time to teach critical thinking. For example, this practice of teaching will force educators to think critically for themselves and change their methods of teaching. As for the overall results, critical thinking is an essential key for evolving the brain.

Keywords: Critical Thinking, Common Core, Education

Point of View The essence of an education is to comprehend the material and the ability to apply it. As for critical thinking, this gives students a chance to use their reasoning skills to analyze, evaluate, plan, and think strategically. As a result, this enables students to be able to distinguish fallacies and make unbiased decisions.
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For instance, in a report by the National Commission on Excellence in Education found that, “In 1993, 40 percent of 17 year olds could not draw inferences from written material” (Willingham, 2007). All of these students lacked the basic skills to establish an ethical response that critical thinking encourages. So, this proves when it comes time to critically think the student is ill-equipped because they were only taught memorization instead of how to apply the material. Subsequently, this relates back towards the lack of time and motivation provided by educators to ensure students learn to critically think. Therefore, educators should encourage each student to feel they can question whatever they read and can utilize other abstract theories without being scrutinized for testing the validness of a supposed

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