The Importance Of Critical Thinking And Careful Planning Essay

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I don not know whether you notice that all the successful people have common characteristic. They have the personality of independence, that is, they have the ability to think critically. By critical thinking, they have the capability to analyze insightfully, paying much attention to the right target, thereby making a wise decision. Additionally, as is known to us all, magazines and newspapers are never tired of telling about those who have come to success rapidly by taking risks. However, there are some problems with taking chances; every coin has two sides, while one can win a fortune, one can also lose everything. Careful planning can help reduce the possibility of losing everything, and it is a basic skill that all successful people have. Therefore, I deeply believe that success is the result of critical thinking and careful planning as well as taking risk, and carry them out. Critical thinking plays an important role in our life. It can enable one to analyze problem insightfully, focus on the right aim and finally make a wise decision. Take the CEO of Jingdong Mall Mr. Liu for example, ; faced with the problem of his company’s development orientation, he did not choose big and entire Internet Company running mode, though this business pattern brought much profits to him; instead, he made a wise decision by making use of his critical thinking. He chose the small and special business pattern and did business in the field they were good at; , and this decision improved…

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