The Importance Of Critical Realism

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Critical realism focuses around the anti-positivist philosophy of science established by Roy Bhaskar and has challenged some of the core theories associated with political explanation and science. One of the main contributions of critical realism is its focus on causal analysis, which as a contested concept, has challenged twentieth-century thoughts about political science and further International Relations, thus challenging the positivist thinking associated with the era. Critical realism challenges conventional notions of causal analysis within politics and social sciences. This essay will focus around the key theorists associated with critical realism and the use of causal analysis, further analysing how these contributions have challenged key emancipatory methodologies within politics. From this I will argue that critical realism inverts the dominance of the empiricists approach to scientific causal analysis and political explanation …show more content…
Positivism fails to acknowledge the complexities surrounding causal objects, even so when trying to negotiate casual complexity methodology and specifically, drawing from a narrow evidence-base when observing regular facts. This is evident with its shrouded nature in relation to utilisation of qualitative methods, drawing from ontological holism and methodological pluralism on the right grounds in continuing to prioritise empiricist assumptions. Therefore, it is evident, that although critical realism challenges traditional conceptions of political explanation, the positivist fixed methodological criteria is inadequate and inappropriate in relation to political explanation. This is because the nature of ontological objects means reliance on strict observational knowledge is highly

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