The Importance Of Criminal Street Gangs

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Santa Ana, California located in the county of Orange and is home to approximately 334,227 people who have all once in their lifetime been a witness of the gang violence. Throughout the years street gangs criminal street gangs have become one of the most serious crime problems in California; consisting of assaults, drive- by shooting, homicides, and finally home invasion robberies. The main concern is having teens in the community exposed to such violent acts at such a young age encouraging them to follow the same steps of others that have given the example. In response, the threat that has been made has been jeopardizing the public safety. The measures proposed to be taken are education and prevention programs. In order to decrease the gang …show more content…
According to Merriam Webster to enforce and suppression mean to give force to, in other words force is used by police in order maintain the public safe at any means. It has been the one thing focused on by the police and government the most because they believe that by just enforcing or suppressing the laws they will get criminals off the streets in order to make the streets a safe place. Even though it is true they don’t think furthermore then just having them locked up. The only outcome to having criminals locked up is having them still be the criminals they were before once after completing their sentence. How many people have been to jail, get out and weeks or even days after are back in prison. This is because these individuals don’t learn anything from being locked up they are the type of people that actually just get worse while being in jail; mainly because they don’t have any sort of support system. This problem to this solution and what makes it ineffective is the fact that police don’t care for the people, as mentioned it’s just their job to arrest and incarcerate them however, they don’t even think of not incarcerating them and seeking help for them. The idea is to solve the problem from the core and that would be offering them therapy or any other psychological help in order help them get passed severe problems they might have which most likely might be the reason to have drawn them into joining a gang. The true outcome using suppression and enforcement as a solution is only creating a higher risk crime because now not only are residents in danger but also create a tension with police and the community. Therefore, it is effective that the solution of using prevention programs and education would be a better way of reducing the gang violence and its involvement; with

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