The Importance Of Criminal Activity Investigation

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The European Investigation Order into Criminal Matters
Collecting evidence is at the core of any criminal proceeding. It enables policing authorities to identify potential offenders, helping to demonstrate a perpetrators guilt or innocence. National borders are not a consideration when criminal activity occurs. Criminal cross-border activity investigation requires cooperation between prosecutors, judges and the European Union across the borders. Transnational criminal activity is on the increase therefore there needs to be a measure in place in order to efficiently carry out investigations between the Member States.
The European Investigation order (EIO) was developed to replace the European Evidence Warrant and Mutual Assistance Recognition. The adoption of Directive 2014/41/EU on the European
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Not only will this measure have the authority to carry out house searches, intercept telecommunications, or order arrests as is the normal procedures for national authorities; the EPPO would also be proficient to carry out these procedures in all other Member States without border restriction. It would be assumed that due to the intrusive and cohesive manner in which the EPPO would operate the European Parliament and the EC along with the Minister for Justice would continually deliberate on these issues and look for appropriate safeguards, this has yet to take place. In actual fact, those who support the proposal believe that human rights are already adequately protected. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the ECHR both have continually signified the importance of the rule of law as a vital component in defending interference in the protection of individual human rights. Adequate laws ensure the certainty and security for citizens regarding their rights while enabling the courts to prevent unpredictability resonating in executive

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