The Critical Role Of Creativity In Young Children

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Today’s world is constantly being upgraded and improved by the implementation of creative ideas in the form of technological innovations, such as smartphones and computers. Creative thinking plays a critical role in providing solutions to issues that face the nation and world as a whole and is something that should be praised, but recent studies have shown that the decline of creativity in young children has been getting progressively worse since the 1990s. As a result, students have trouble expressing themselves which may have an effect on their attitude toward their job. However, some people believe that creativity is not something that can be taught, only encouraged. Although the introduction of technology has helped immensely toward the …show more content…
Creativity, whether it be art, music, or writing, is a way for people to express themselves. Therefore, encouraging students to be productive as early as kindergarten teaches them to be comfortable and self confident in their ideas. People, such as Beethoven, are remembered because of their admiration for their creative accomplishments at such a young age. Yet most people do not know that he was taught by his father at the age of four, therefore allowing him to improve with time and practice. By implementing a creative class to the daily routine of a student’s life at an early age it would allow them to express themselves, become confident in their innovations, and makes it easier for them to grow accustomed to a system that encourages creativity in every form. As they get older and become a part of the work force, having their own ideas will help adults to become better at their …show more content…
However, some people believe that creativity is not a topic which can be taught. Being creative is being able to imagine and think of new ideas in your mind on your own, however, these ways cannot be taught. Having a class revolving around learning the process of creativity would not be helpful because it is not a process that a child can learn. Everyone already has the skills needed to develop their own thoughts, and they cannot be taught. Instead, their thought process can only be strengthened and their creativity can only be encouraged. As Albert Einstein once said, “I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can

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