Essay on The Importance Of Creative Approaches For Nursing

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The Importance of Creative Approaches in Nursing
One of the most essential characteristics of nurses in any setting need to possess is the ability to communicate. Communication between the nurses, doctors, patients, and the patient’s families is utilized on a daily basis, and is necessary for the safety and health of all. The ability for nurses to find creative ways to communicate with patients has been increasingly regarded as an important tool to have. Above all, nurses make the most decisions of all medical professions, and so it is important that creativity is present in the practice so that nurses can incorporte the needs and concerns of the patients into their care plan. Human creativity has improved because of decision making and creative communication techniques in nursing clinicals.
Nursing students participate in clinical placements as part of their curriculum for general practice, giving them more experience in the field and an idea of what it is like to be a nurse and an understanding of what nurses do. A study performed by Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nurse Profession has emerged with a solution as to what nurses in clinical settings have experienced and learned as part of their training. Students recognized that powerful relationships with patients emerged partly because of patient autonomy, and partly because of the creative approach needed to enhance patient’s power. Issues of power have a different emphasis in the clinical setting where…

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