The Importance Of Creating The Environment

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“What I stand for is what I stand on, said by Wendell Berry”. To begin with the first invention. Inventors have built and created many more inventions. Technology has changed over time for the good of our economy, but for the worse of our environment. By being an engineer, you have the power to design, build, and maintain engines. Engineers also have a range of career opportunities. Carbon dioxide has increased the earth 's temperature by 0.5 celsius in the last one hundred years. Due to the increase use of oil, gas, and fossil fuels we are polluting our air and environment. I believe we must sustain our environment by using solar panels on our homes or energy that does not give off any bad chemicals into the atmosphere, and finding people who are willing to give up their time, able to use engineering to solve our crisis, and the time to help sustain our environment by solar energy.

Earth is our home. It’s where we breathe, eat, sleep, and raise our families. Creating more
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I was on a team where we started to receive projects to change the area around the Hollingsworth Science center. This has been my first time ever working with an area of my interest. With this project I wanted to show my designing skills to bring out the beauty of nature. We started to add plants, trying to see what plant can live, in which environment, how it will impact the environment, and will it enhance the aesthetic. At the end of the week, I found it sad that it was time to leave, but it was time to share my ideas and experience. To this day I have used what I’ve learned to keep nature alive. My next step is to create a vegetable and fruit garden full of peppers, green peas, strawberries, and even watermelon. Environmental science is fascinating and astonishing to study the many types of organisms, for example vegetation which can bring beauty such as life, color, and even the smell of nature, instead of gasoline and

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