The Importance Of Creating A New Future For Haiti

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For most people it’s difficult to explain and preach about things you haven’t experienced before.
How does one put something they have not had to overcome themselves into better perspective for others and spreading the word about the problems they may face. Creating a new future for Haiti will be something their people could only dream of. With some effort and support, we can feed the people as well as increase their quality of life. According to David Brooks in Nytimes (2010) “It’s time to tackle global poverty!”
As we all know Haiti is a very poor and overpopulated country that was destroyed by a natural disaster over six years ago. Families are left starving, dying from disease such as HIV and HPV and suffering from unemployment. This
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Giving back to the people what they deserve and what is rightfully there’s is something only they could dream about, but we can make dreams come true. This all will work out in the end, because of the amount of support Haiti has standing behind them. This is a project that could take years to accomplish, but within everyday, week, month and year so much could get done and it’ll all add up and be very well worth the amount of time the supports will be putting into this. This is not something that can be completed within a blink of an eye, something like this is one that needs time and patience. Consider the facts, Haiti is located approximately 1,500 miles away from Newark, Ohio. We have to think about how the products are getting there, the amount of time it will take to gather enough products that they are in need of. All of this time being spent on helping the Haitians, the word is going to travel fast, especially with social networking in today’s generation. More and more people are going to continue to get involved and that only means, more and more hope and miracles will happen for the people of …show more content…
Creating this future for Haiti will bring families back together and allow them to become an independent country once again, not having to rely on other countries for money, food and water. New homes will be built, the importance of education will return. 50% of children do not even attend school and the ones that do are likely to not make it to the third grade. Bring this all to tend the next generation will then have a better life awaiting them in the near

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