The Importance of Counseling Essay

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A successful leaders use praise effectively. Identifying shortcomings and then telling soldiers what must be improved are a leader’s responsibility. Praising soldiers for their improvement and proper performance is even more important. To have a soldier to continue on the right step you need and will have to give them a positive counsel more often than what you probably want to. A sincere and honest praise lets soldiers know that their leader appreciates their efforts. Praising subordinates is a simple act that takes little time but will provide many benefits. With a few positive, encouraging words and a pat on the back, the leader can recognize and reinforce desired behavior and performance. A soldier who feels that their best efforts are …show more content…
Regular counseling helps leaders and soldiers communicate more clearly and efficiently. Therefore soldiers should want to be counseled. For example and Initial Counseling is used for giving soldier the basics understanding of what you expect him or her to act and perform all their duties. Now on a counseling form there is an assessment block that you can fill out to cover their period of assessment or you can just write a counseling to discuss their performance. A lot of people like to say that you can put a lot of stuff in a Monthly Counseling but it is actually they are wrong. If you do perform this way you are letting your soldier fail. You need to counsel your soldier on anything they do either good and bad. A soldier is like a kid not to sound rude but on top of wanting to know what they are doing wrong and how to fix it they also need to know that they are doing well or better than what you expected of them. Otherwise the soldier would think that the leader doesn’t care and their attitude will change where they might ruin their career. As long as I have been in all I ever heard is how jacked up I was or how my soldiers were; as a private I never received a positive counseling and yes as I said I thought that my leader didn’t care and was only look to punish me. A leader conducts counseling to assist soldiers in achieving and developing personal, professional development and

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