The Importance Of Counseling In The Family

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Register to read the introduction… “Judge not lest you be judged(kjv).” When it comes to dealing with families, they have a lot of baggage. One has to be able to sit and listen to everyone's situation. At times, children are not able to express themselves while adults are present. The family has to have a sense of trust, which is very important. The laws require that we keep those things that are spoken confidential. It is our duty to keep these individual's information confidential. When dealing with families, we must not get attached. “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have their wife, and every woman have their own …show more content…
When he returns, he;s returning for his bride, the church. The husband and wife is a vital part of the family. If the therapist can get the parents in agreement, then the children will fall in line. Children model what they see their parents do. “Train up a child in the way he should go(kjv.).”If a father is careless and lazy, most times that child will be also. Once everyone has had a chance to express themselves, then you're able to see what's wrong. After finding the problem out, it should be dealt with. The family should be given instructions on how to continue dealing with the issue at hand. I feel continued sessions should be given on a regular basis. The sessions should continue regularly until less are needed. In my conclusion, my day to day experience has given me a sense of duty to further my education in psychology and family.” Because I am made in the image of God, as a therapist or counselor, I must be held accountable for my actions. In this accountablility, I must think of others as God would. “Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love:therefore with loving kindness I have drawn thee(kjv).” After completing my degree, I will be able to work with children and adults. Our community has a great need for a children's counselor. With this degree, I will be able to give back to my

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