The Importance Of Counseling Disabilities

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In picking my topic for my research paper, I was at a cross road in deciding which topic I should focus on. I wanted to pick a topic I knew I would be comfortable with but at the same time give me a challenge as well. At first I went with Counseling Disabilities because that was one of the areas I wanted to focus on as far as a potential career choice. Just when I was about to go into the social lounge to present my topic, I notice a note to all the other students that it was probably best that you challenge yourself and maybe talk about a topic that you may not feel too comfortable with. Knowing me, I always like a challenge. Even though I may not do so well in whatever the challenge maybe I still want to go out and try because I may never …show more content…
The two main reasons why is because one it was painful for some and two even with the surgery, it wasn’t that much of a difference between the before picture. Instead of surgery, some just wanted to have a voice in saying I am transgender. The counselors during a session, was never there to transform their clients but transforming the cultural their clients were in. In counselor’s eye, it was more about learning what can be done in educating themselves so that they can know about all the different issues that transgenders had to go through. Counselors were encouraged to be more sensitive to transgenders because of their history. In other words, counselors should take transgenders for granted or judge them right out the gate. There is probably a reason why they turned out the way they did. The reason why counselors were asked to be more sensitive was because counselors were seen rushing clients into situations when they were nowhere near ready for the task the counselor presented to them. Counselors were even asked to do homework on transgenders. All because they needed that based knowledge about transgenders because they could easily see a transgender sometime during their professional career. Going online is a big help as well. Looking some different blogs transgenders could post up or just reading about the history of it. It was also a big help to some transgenders when they …show more content…
Hays and Bradley T. Erford, my focus was coming from Chapter 5 entitled “Gender and Sexism”. The topic was dealing with Counseling Transgender Individuals starting on page one hundred fifteen. It started off out the gate saying how a counselor by the name of Reicherzer saying any and every counselor is believed to see at least one client that’s a transgender in he/she life time in the counseling aspect. It brought out how a transgender-sensitive counselor is willing to learn how the community is perform in the ethical practice. An organization called the ACA (American Counseling Association) acts like a guide to the counselors helping them during sessions. The ACA has encouraged all counselors to please touch up on their knowledge of the code of ethics that protects clients form discrimination. Their also encouraging counselors to please go on line and study didn’t resources and watch didn’t films, workshops, and maybe even catch a public speaker. Counselors are even asked to learn the difference between sex and gender. Back on the first page of this paper I stated that I was going to get into the difference between the two so here it is. It was said that sex deals with the aspect of a male and a female. Gender goes by how that individual feels if he/she is a man or woman. Many transgenders want to let counselors know that they go through a lot in their life time in the life

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