Bleeding Research Paper

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Although all routine cosmetic surgical procedures have very low complication rates, it is always important that you understand the standard potential risks and complications of any procedure. I joke with my patients and tell them that I have to scare them before I operate on them. The reality is, however, that even if the risk is one in a 100,000, if it happens to you it is 100 percent for you.

BLEEDING: Bleeding is a potential risk of any operation. The chance of needing a blood transfusion from breast augmentation is exceptionally small. If a collection of blood occurs around the implant, it is called a hematoma. If you get a significant hematoma, you need to go back to the Operating Room to have it removed. You cannot heal properly if a
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This is inevitable because of the location of the implant.

BREAST CANCER: In our country the instance of breast cancer is one in eight women during their life-time. This is an unfortunate fact. The problem with breast implants is that x-rays do not go through them and therefore mammograms are not as good as without breast implants. If a patient has a mammogram without a breast implant in place, only 90% of the breast tissue is seen.

In women who have had breast implantation approximately 40% to 50% of the breast tissue is seen; however, what is interesting is that women who have breast implants if they do get breast cancer have a slightly higher cure rate than the general population.

Why is this? In general because women with breast implants tend to check their breasts and pick things up earlier. The earlier the cancer is detected the more likely it is curable. Also when a patient has a breast implant on their chest wall and the breast tissue is draped over the front of it, it is physically easier to do a physical exam and detect a smaller

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