Why Are Cosmetologists Important

Do you think Cosmetologists are important? Some people say that they are not important and most Cosmetologists only went to beauty school because, they couldn’t do anything else. Most people don’t know the work and time you have to put into this kind of career and I will be explaining what the process of different things in Cosmetology. I will also explain what I know about that subject and what I will need to learn to graduate from Beauty school. Cosmetologists are very important to every fashion trend whether its hair, nail or make-up. I know this; I’ve experienced this first hand. I chose to do this for my Graduation Project because; it’s my passion and my career goal. Once I graduate from beauty school I will be able to do my work from the comfort of my own home because, I will own …show more content…
I have observed that first hand. I did job shadowing for this project at my neighbors salon and she would talk me through the process of everything I wanted to know. I like hair coloring and bleaching because; you get to give people confidence in themselves. If they feel awkward around people because of some gray roots or they are tired of the same hair color every day. Hair coloring started in at least 1500 B.C. with the Egyptians. They would dye their hair based on mood or fashion trend. The cost of products to color or bleach your hair is usually not that expensive. Hair color or bleach is priced anywhere from $2.50 to $100,000 an ounce, I know I don’t believe it either. To maintain a good hair color you need to use color treated shampoo and only wash your hair when needed, not every day because, it will turn the hair color dull and will make your hair dry out. The requirements to graduate beauty school for hair coloring are you need to master the formula mixtures and you need to know how to retouch hair color. You also have to know how to bleach, regular color, and tint

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