The Importance Of Corporate Advertising

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Corporate advertising is the paid use of media that purposes to improve the image of the company, not just its products or services (Argenti, 2016, p. 94). Advertising is used to make the company and its products known. The key purpose of advertising is to sell products or services, however, it is designed to win an audience over to a certain point of view. The internet, social media, television, and radio are vehicles that are used to influence opinions, present, increase sales, and strengthen the identity of an organization and its products and services. The company pays a fee or expense to have a message that simultaneously explains its brand or product distributed to as many people as possible. What 's more, advertising directly contributes …show more content…
Likewise, brand and reputation are important assets that contribute to organizational success are corporate. Corporate brand identity uncovers the essence of a corporate brand. It is essentially the unique, differentiated character of the corporation, which is the corporation’s way to present the core values, philosophy, products, and strategies of an organization to the outside world (Zulhamri, Md Nordin, &Aziz, 2013). Balmer (2012) indicated that it is imperative that corporate marketing managers are familiar with its customers and the perceptions of the corporate brand. A strong corporate identity can improve customer awareness, as well as, increase a company 's competitive edge. It sends a message that the company is serious about being successful. It gives the customer a sense of trust. Furthermore, corporate identity consists of key components such as, corporate strategy, corporate culture, organizational design, and the operations of the organization. Additionally, corporate identity is a result of the vision of corporate leaders. In line with Abdi, and Awartani (2013) corporate identity can be a form of competitive advantage. Visual identity can also play an important role in communicating strategic changes. The corporate image is how a company, its products, and services are viewed by outsiders. It is the impression of the company that the public and its shareholders holds. It is a continuously changing process that is established by the satisfaction that is obtained by the public from the use of products and services. The backbone of a good corporate image is its products and services. The shaping of the corporate image relies on public communication and it must have meaning, as well as, an emotional force (Iacob, 2015). Abdi and Awartani (2013) concluded that corporate identity is the self-presentation of an organization, which

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