Holacracy Management Case Study

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The best thing to do when you retire and when you are released of your duty is to leave a legacy for others to follow and admire. When Mr. Hsieh is getting ready to retire and leave the company he should mentor the new CEO to keep the same 10 core values, which are the foundation of the company. Also the new CEO has to understand how the “Holacracy” management works. Holacracy management is “takes powers traditionally reserved for executives and managers and spreads them across all employees.” (Feloni. 2016). This also allows the decision making to be distribute throughout the company and he will move to the section where his present and knowledge is needed. He should also emphasis that the employees are not like robots with no physical emotions. …show more content…
During the hiring process you have the 2 step process. First interview is just a regular interview. The second step, is when you have to know if the person is organization fit. Person-organization fit is “the extent to which individual values, interests, behaviors are consistent with the culture of the organization” (Uhl-Bien. 2014). The 10 core values are committed to excellence that benefits the staff and the consumers. Mr. Hsieh is an informal leader because he influences people with his charisma, security, and social needs of the staff. Having personal engagement is important to the organization success. This company excels in the expectation of job satisfaction. Mr. Hsieh has several implicit leadership theories and some of the attributes that makes him successful CEO and the new CEO should follow. Some of the attributes that he has is “sensitivity, dedication, charisma, and intelligence” (Uhl-Bien. 2014). We are going to review and break down the 10 core values. The 3 core values that aligns with sensitivity are “Build open and honest relationships with communication, build a positive team and family spirit and humble.” …show more content…
Hsieh is dedicate it to his organization that is the only company that he offers free shipping, free returns and you can take up 365 days to return it. One of the ways he is leaning the process is by shipping the items overnight. Mr. Hsieh embraces and drives to change by learning the new technology and learning more what the consumer wants. He stated in Zappos Family Story that one day he struggled to get a pair of shoes so he started by selling shoes online, but now he is looking to promote different attires to drive change in the organization (Rice. 2011). The last 3 core values “Create Fun and A little Weirdness, Be adventurous, creative, and open minded, and be passionate and determined” (Zappos. 2016) suits the traits of charisma. Mr. Hsieh wants the team to be person-organization fit. During the training process if the member is not fit or the member is unhappy with the organization he will give them a percentage to leave the company. This clearly shows that he is passionate and determined with the happiness of his organization. Finally, if the new CEO learns and adapts to the new generation in the organization behaviors and continues with the 10 core values that is the foundation of the Zappos company

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