The Importance Of Coral Reef

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Olympic swimmer and ocean conservation advocate, Aaron Peirsol, once said, “The ocean is the lifeblood of our world. If we were to lose our fish that we appreciate so much by overfishing; or if we were to lose some of our favorite beaches to overbuilding and pollution, then how would we feel? It 's become a case of not knowing what you 've got until it 's gone.” Coral reefs have resided on the earth longer than any living mammal. However, recent research has shown, “Despite the natural ability to persist, many coral reef ecosystems are in poor health” (Ferguson 46). As caretakers of the world, human beings should become familiar with the earth’s systems, such as the oceans and their coinciding reefs. People should also learn the impacts …show more content…
The tourists encounter more than a few commonplace fish and plants. The Great Barrier Reef shelters the largest variety of unique tropical species. Case in point, “The reef is home to 1,500 species of fish, 359 types of hard coral, 175 types of bird species, and more than 30 types of mammals” (Lynas 56). Seeing as an abundance of tourists visit each day, this reef,along with every species, would be a likely victims to damaging human activities. Nevertheless, this specific coral reef community is protected by The Great Barrier Reef Park. The Great Barrier Reef Act, enacted in 1975, defines the specific manners prohibited on the property. The park follows these regulations, as well as certain international conventions.
Every coral reef is at risk, and the Great Barrier Reef is no exception. Many oceans, on Earth, even the oceans surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, continue to warm and threaten the earth’s delicate ecosystems (Lynas 56). Environmentalists blame Global Climate Change influenced by the ever-increasing carbon emissions. Similar consequences, believed to be directly related to the climate change, have also begun all around the world. Climate change affects the entirety of the planet. In other words, there is not only one sole consequence of the forthcoming Global Climate

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