Italian Food's Role In Modern Society

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How many of you have cooked before? Most of you have. You see the thing is, I've never really enjoyed cooking. It just takes too much effort to gather all the correct ingredients and quantities correct. The first time I tried cooking was around six years ago on my parent's anniversary. In the kitchen, I felt like I was making a masterpiece. As soon as they woke up, I was waiting in anticipation outside of their room. They opened the door and I wished them a very happy anniversary while handing over the food. One sip into her coffee and my mother exclaims, " Buddy, why is my coffee so Salty?" a second later my dad shouts out, "Son, did you put sugar in these eggs?" Since that day I haven't cooked that much until last year when I renewed my interests in cooking.
The special thing about cooking is that there as so many diffrent ways of approaching it. Cooking and food play a very significant role in modern society. It helps bring people together while showing other the type of food other cultures eat on certain occasions.
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The first being a heaped pile of past or the second being a tempting slice if your favorite pizza but there is so much more to Italian cuisine than just that. Italian cuisine only started developing after the fall of the Roman Empire, when they started producing ingredients such a the cheese which is commonly found on pizza, Mozarella. There are three main regions in Italian that are famous for its food. Lombardy for its risotto, Naples for its pizza and Bologna for the tortellini. The Italians have always been adventurous people, especially when it comes to food. This was evident when they shipped ingredients from all over the globe. Over a few yet Italy had imported chillis from places like India and China that they incorporated in their own food. They used this chilli to make Chilli oil, which is now found in almost all Italian restaurants over

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