The Importance Of Control Race

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On the first day of the study, individuals ran the 100-meter dash one time in order to find a “base” time for each individual. This portion of the study allowed us to have a “control” race that we could compare the second day’s results to and see if the athletes experience a slower of faster time during the second day of the study. After the race participants filled out the Self-Evaluation Survey (Figure 1.1, pictured right) and were instructed to return the following day to complete the second phase of the tournament. One the second day of the study participants were instructed to run the 100-meter dash again, however, before the race all participants were primed using a mock New York Times article that stated “White athletes will never be …show more content…
The first limitation pertains to our participant pool. Our study only focuses on Black-White biracial individuals and is not applicable to all biracial people. Future studies should include biracial individuals that are not of the Black-White binary. Next, our research study could not account for other factors that affected participants results on the second day of running. Personal issues were simply unable to be controlled for. Another study limitation is that our participant pool was not very large due to difficulty in finding this specific group of Biracial individuals. Furthermore, another limitation was having only males participant in the study. Future research should seek to include females and possibly test the intersection of race and gender stereotypes and the influence they have on athletic performance. The last limitation that is present in our study has to do with the participants personal strength to their identity connect. We could not account for how attacked individuals felt when one of their identities was called into question. Moreover, in terms of other possible future studies, it would be interesting to see our study replicated in older individuals to see how individuals progress in their understanding of their racial identity. Another future study could focus on performance results that occur when the athletes are told influenced by societies perception on them, rather than the perceptions they have for

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