The Importance Of Contragnancy

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Have you ever wondered why so many teenage girls wind up pregnant? Why so many are not graduating high school or going to college? If the answer is yes to the questions, it is because many of them are not being educated at home about contraception. This is something that every parent dreads talking about with their teenage daughter, but is something that needs to mentioned if the teenager plans not to practice abstinence. If you are comfortable having this conversation with teenagers about birth control and sex, there will be no need to sneak around having unprotected sex. Having a family with a little seems like a reality of having to talk to her about contraceptives is a world away, but actually in just five years she will be a teenager. Because these little innocents grow up so fast, everyone should want to be prepared. Parents should consider speaking to teenage daughters about the necessity of birth control to bring awareness of sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, and teen dropouts. Make time …show more content…
Due to teenagers dropping out of high school, they are unlikely to have the skills and credentials to function in today’s society and work place (High School Dropout Rate, 2015). Teens that drop out are likely to depend on government assistance, engaging in crimes, and other social cost borne by taxpayers (Robert W. Rumberger, n.d.).Young woman can continue going to school if they are pregnant, but are dropping out of embarrassment and absenteeism. Parents play an important role in making sure that their child continue their education. Parents who show lack of support and teen pregnancies are among the high factors that is driving high school students to drop out before obtaining a diploma (Sheehy, 2012). If parents do not want their child becoming a drop out, they need to make sure they are speaking with the about the importance of practicing abstinence and the objective of having sex

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