Essential Leadership Skills

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I believe an essential skill I possess is the ability to think critically and evaluate information to draw rational decisions. In particular, people who are good at evaluating are able to identify and solve problems, make plans, use critical thinking, find specific information and organize ideas (Government of Canada, 2015). I have demonstrated the ability to evaluate information and rationalize decisions several times in the past few months. For example, in active sports, such as soccer, I have jockeyed my opponent to the sidelines while I was the last man back to create time for my other teammates to return and defend. This task compelled me to display my ability of evaluating a situation and resolving it in a quick yet decisive manner. Also, …show more content…
Particularly, problem solvers will arrange and format their problem solving processes, account specific details and also have rational judgement on given information (Skills You Need, 2015). I have demonstrated that I have the ability to effectively problem solve and find logical solutions through regular activities and sports many times in the recent past. For example, I play soccer regularly and I need to problem solve every time our team loses the ball. When we lose the ball, I have to either communicate and instruct my teammates on what to do or I have to go in to pressure and challenge the ball. These problems that I face regularly, all require effective problem solving skills that compel me to find solutions fast and efficiently. Alternatively, I can also establish a neat and organized schedule while maintaining all of my important activities. Constructing an immaculate schedule requires me to incorporate many activities into a refined weekly time plan without having two things at one time. This skill requires me to see specific details as well as learning how to structure and plan things. Other important skills such as priority selecting skills for when I have two tasks at the same time are very important in being able to effectively problem

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