The Importance Of Contingency Leadership

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they are saying. Trust between leaders and followers is important, because Contingency leadership is an approach based on change. Leaders who use this approach are able to use their own qualities to motivate their followers to change (Grimm 2010). A leader who has trust and support from his or her followers can lead a team through change more successfully than a leader who does not (Bach and Ellis 2011, Rolfe 2011). Contingency leadership is important for improving patient outcomes (Wong and Cummings 2007). Malloy et al (2010) suggested that it can improve clinical environments so clinical leaders can deliver quality agendas and ensure staff are engaged in the process. research has shown that where there are well-developed Contingency leaders, …show more content…
This requires adoption of the situational leadership approach, where effective leaders adapt their leadership style to manage particular situations. For example, simple or complicated situations would be best handled through a task-orientated approach such as autocratic leadership (Crevani et al 2010).
The core competencies of situational leaders are the ability to identify the performance, competence and commitment of others, and to be flexible (Lynch et al 2011). Situational leadership has been defined as being ‘based on a relationship between the leader’s supportive and directive behaviour, and between the follower’s level of development’ (Grimm 2010). Supportive behaviour involves the personal involvement leaders have with their followers, achievable by maintaining communication and providing emotional support. directive behaviour is the amount of direction the leader provides to the group, in terms of defining group roles. This can be achieved by the leader explaining the activities each role should complete and how these tasks are to be completed. The development level of the followers is a result of their own experiences, willingness and ability to take on responsibility (Grimm 2010). This has also been referred to as the ‘readiness level’ a follower

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