The Importance Of Contemporary Art

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In this essay, I will examine the role of contemporary art practice in presenting the world in an altered light so that we engage in the represented events and situations in more critical and perhaps experimental ways. In addressing this question, I shall concentrate on politically engaged artistic practice in the form of photography, street art, and installation art. It is the artistic techniques that these artists behold and present to us that makes us react and respond to them and what they are representing. For example Banksy’s inclusion of the QR code in his mural “Teargas at Calais”, which successfully made the artwork both immensely powerful in in its message, and also interactive, as one could simply scan the code on their smartphones …show more content…
Giroux, in his text, “What Might Education Mean After Abu Ghraib: Revisiting Adorno’s Politics of Education”; reflects on the same images, and also introduces his theory in we must be trained in how to look and interpret the visual material. This essay engages the photos from Abu Ghraib, not only understanding how the photographs inhibiting torturous abuse ignited a particular public pedagogy, but also how the pedagogy becomes crucial to our understanding of the changing ideological, economic and political conditions that made the events possible. We can gain an understanding of the nature of American Society that is riddled with aggression and violence in the deemed innocent forms of video games, movies, TV shows and so on, suggesting that Americans are not only engaging in violence but are entertained by it. In another text that Henry A. Giroux wrote, “America’s Addiction to Violence”, he metaphorically describes violence in America as “an electric current offering instant pleasure from all sources of the culture, whether it be the nightly news and Hollywood fanfare television series that glorify serial killers.” This emphasizes the constant onslaught of violence in America, permeated through different forms of ‘entertainment’ and medias. In “Regarding the Pain of Others”, Susan Sontag also addresses the saturation of violence in mass culture, how it is becoming an increasing problem, and how we are growing more used to it. Furthermore, with the constant …show more content…
It is not, contrary to what people may assume, their pure ignorance that led them to act as they did. This “education”, is not a direct communication but is a system of pedagogical conditions. Upon accepting this, we can then learn how to respond to the photographs from Abu Ghraib both critically and experimentally, to the heart of HOW people learn to participate in sadistic acts of abuse and sexual harassment.
Politically charged artistic practices such as street art are fundamentally produced and published for a reaction, which can provoke debate, publicly voice concerns whilst acting as a public service. Controversy is a useful ‘tool’ in contemporary art practice, creating a required reaction from the public, as controversial images based on a relevant subject gets people talking, ultimately putting meaning and true substance behind the art. Banksy, a prominent Street

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