The Importance Of Conservation Of Animals In North Carolina

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Once an animal becomes extinct there is no bringing it back, it is gone for good. That is why it is important that people do not delay and start to use proper care and help protect these species that are endangered in North Carolina. The ecosystem is a fragile system and the strain caused by a certain animal going extinct could possibly cause the entire ecosystem to collapse Which would be a tragic thing; it would not just affect the environment, but it could also affect humans and their daily lives depending on how drastic the change is. Therefore, something must be done to prevent that from occurring and preferably something soon. In a state as biologically diverse as North Carolina the possibility of an animal becoming endangered or going …show more content…
This group of people is dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey, such as the American bald eagle, the red tailed hawk, and the barn owl (N"Carolina Raptor Center). The research group focuses on the conservation of these birds through research and by teaching others about the proper protection and conservation strategies for these threatened birds. ( N"Carolina Raptor Center) They have special programs at the Raptor center where they take in injured birds of prey and with the help of workers and volunteers they care for the injured birds until they are healthy again. This center cannot do all of this work alone however, they complete their mission of helping these birds with the financial aid from the public by asking for donations. This way normal people can feel like they are making a difference in helping these threatened and endangered birds of prey and at the same time they are providing the financial aid needed in order to keep the research center going. This research center is definitely not a lost cause either; they are getting their message out to the public. The Raptor Center reaches around 40,000 students every year and on average their Raptor Trail brings in 35,000 visitors a year( N"Carolina Raptor Center); with each person leaving knowing about the importance of protecting these animals. A summer camp experience is offered here. It is a day camp that lasts for a week and its purpose is to teach these kids about the outdoors and proper protection of animals. This is a great program and overall a great research facility. If there were more facilities as dedicated as this one then the fight to maintain and preserve these animals would become much easier and would seem like a reachable

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