Conflict Resolution: The Four Steps To Solving Conflicts

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Conflict is hostility or disagreement resulting from actual or perceived differences. It occurs and is inevitable at times. Conflict starts when you have people with different expectations. Conflict is a normal, and can be a healthy, part of relationships. In fact, a relationship with no conflict could be unhealthier then one with the occasional conflict. In relationships you can’t always expect to agree on everything all of the time. However, learning how to deal with and solve conflict in a healthy manner is crucial and very important. Conflicts are crucial and significant events that can either strengthen or weaken the relationship.
Conflicts that are handled correctly can be proven to be productive, create deeper understanding and closeness
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It can also cause someone to become bitter towards the other person. However if you can start by understanding and comprehending your own needs along with the other persons needs it can lead to great problem solving, team building and improved relationships. How conflicts get resolved is a critical factor. Conflicts can range from minor unimportant problems to critical fights. However, conflicts can be avoided and often prevented if the right steps are taken to diffuse or avoid the situation. Some of the steps you can take are managing your stress and remain calm. One of the biggest things that lead to conflict is escalation. People start escalating because they are angry. Once we become angry, we tend to quit listening to understand but instead we listen to argue back. When you stay cool and calm you are able to see the bigger picture. It helps to think about the situation as we know eventually every conflict does get resolved. You should learn to control your emotions and behavior. You can communicate your needs better when you are in control of your emotions. Pay attention to the feelings you are expressing and everything the other person is saying. Always be aware of differences and you should respect them as well. When you avoid rude and upsetting words you can resolve the conflict …show more content…
If you handle the conflict in an unhealthy manner it can cause cracks and hatreds in the relationship. Handling the conflict in a healthy approach it forms trust, reinforce bonds and it advances our understanding of one another. Unhealthy ways to handle a conflict can often cause several issues. It can cause a person to withdrawal, have quick-tempered or upsetting reactions and sometimes a fear of rejection. Handling the conflict in a healthy manner can cause a willingness to forgive someone, forget the whole situation and capability to find

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