The Importance Of Conclusion Zones

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When open air blasting is compulsory, exclusion zones can be used to protect employees and others from exposure of hazardous air contaminants. The zone extension should be based on the risk to all unprotected people and the weather conditions at the time of the blasting. Appropriate warning signs should be placed and restrict to those employees wearing respiratory protection at exclusion zone.

d) Administrative Control
This is the fourth control in the hierarchy. This control is applicable to all workplaces and often relates to the procedural control such as reduce the number of employee exposed, reduce the period of exposure, good working procedures, good housekeeping, storage, facilities, good washing, laundry and personal hygiene procedures.
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Practices might include:
• Using vacuum with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters or wet methods when removing accumulated
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ii) Personal Hygiene
Hygiene practices are important control measure for protecting employees from exposure to hazardous contaminants generated during sand blasting. Contaminants such as silica are hazardous when inhaled or ingested by human. Other contaminants such as beryllium, may also hazardous through inhalation and skin contact on human. Good personal hygiene practices are to prevent or minimise exposure to sand blasting dusts includes the following:
• Prohibiting eating, drinking, and using tobacco products
• Washing hands and face before smoking, eating, drinking, or other activities
• Shower before leaving the workplace
• Changing to clean cloth before leaving the workplace
• Parking cars where they wouldn’t contaminated with blasting dust

e) Personal Protective Equipment

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