Should Students Be Allowed To Have A Gun On Campus Essay

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Should students be allowed to have a firearm on campus? A common topic brought up in politics today is the question of students being allowed to carry a concealed gun on campus. Some believe this will cause an increase in violence and accidents on campus. In contrast, other people believe this well help deter it. Ultimately, if someone truly plans to do wrong with a firearm, they will ignore the law. Why should other students be left defenseless? The person that is going to commit a crime does not obey the law. On the other hand, the student that spends the time to go through a legal process to carry a firearm on campus, is then highly unlikely to then commit a crime. Every person has the right to defend themselves from those committing wrong. Why should that be taken away? Lawfully carrying a concealed weapon on college campuses would help protect the …show more content…
Many people believe college to be a perfectly safe environment when it’s not. Even the best schools have issues with crime. Common incidents of criminal nature are rape, theft, and assault. “Violent acts on college campuses have been occurring for decades…” (Dowling, Thompson, & Price, 2009). College crime has been around for decades and is not going away. If students had the right to defend themselves, it could deter crime. With the presence of firearms around campus it will cause people to think twice before committing a crime against others and could possibly save a life. It is best to keep in mind, that generally, firearms are to be considered more of a last resort and are primarily a deterrent. Ideally, college students should be allowed to protect themselves instead of being sheep left without a shepherd. Students with a CCW permit just want to have a sense of protection as they should. Sometimes you cannot always have someone else protect you. If students could carry a concealed weapon on campus, it is probable that crime rates would go

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