The Importance Of Concealed Carry Weapons On Campus

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In 2015, Texas became another state to allow concealed carry weapons on college campuses. The law allowing concealed carry weapons on campus (Senate Bill 11) will take effect on August 1, 2016 for all state 4-year colleges and universities and August 1, 2017 for 2-year and junior colleges. To carry a gun on campus each student must have a concealed handgun license (CHL) and be 21 years old, while also meeting the state and federal qualifications to own a handgun. While the handgun is allowed to be loaded, it must be concealed, meaning out of sight or hidden.
Universities are allowed to designate areas on campus that are “gun free” or sensitive areas, which are where concealed weapons will not be allowed to enter. Many colleges in Texas, much
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Even though there is no stopping the new Campus Carry law, colleges still have quite a bit of say so on the matter, this is why it is so important to get involved in the discussions taking place on campus. Colleges and universities must publically display campus policies regarding the law on the official school website so that students are completely aware of the rules and regulations regarding Campus Carry. On the official Brazosport College website there is a link at the very top of the homepage that takes students to a page with information and FAQ’S regarding Campus …show more content…
This could make a situation much more deadly if you throw an untrained person in the mix of an armed shooter. Another important argument to bring up involving the dangers of Campus Carry is not only the student’s safety but also the safety of the staff members. Professors might feel unsafe issuing bad grades or having a meeting with a student in their office to discuss a grade, if that professor knows that the student carries a gun. When people take in to consideration just how irresponsible and immature college students can be, they will realize that many students that carry will joke with their friends about how they have a gun with them. I believe this would make any person feel uncomfortable and unsafe in a classroom environment. A Harvard gun study found

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