The Importance Of Computers Over The World

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The connection of computers on a global platform has really driven technological innovations over the years. From web applications to data sharing, the Internet promises a new scope of technological development which is likely to change the destiny of humanity forever. In view of this, it is apparent that the technology can be exploited by developing countries for their own growth. Over the years, criticisms have been laid on unfair trade policies as one of the reasons why developing countries have continued to be marginalized. For instance, the case of Africa and China’s trade deficit which shows some of the flaws which might be attributed to the former’s slow economic growth over the years (Men and Benjamin 30). The estimation was in 2008. …show more content…
Therefore, with an improved communication, developing countries are likely to register improved economic growths. Nwagwu3
The mainstay of most developing countries is agriculture. However, a typical farmer in a developing world faces many problems. From unpredictable weather patterns to massive crop failure, the challenges are unending. However, with the advent of the Internet, most of these problems can be addressed. Over the years, for instance, web applications have been developed with the intention of guiding farmers on issues such as weather patterns or even soil fertility (Tan 167). Not only that, the applications provide a network where farmers can share their experiences regarding the best farming practices. With such information, farmers get more empowered. Losses which were associated with low yields and crop failures are minimized because of the availability of information on best practices. Not only that, the Internet even provides platforms through which farmers can get market for their produce. In essence, the problem of middlemen is done away with. Looking at all these possibilities, one cannot deny the fact that the Internet will surely drive agricultural revolution in developing

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