Nonhuman Primate Behavior

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Before this class, I refused to believe we evolved from primates due to the fact that I didn 't have the all the information that I have today. I’ve always wanted a pet monkey because I always thought their behaviour related to us in a way or another.
Now, I know that primates were studied as a research tool to understand our own behaviour. So, why did we study nonhuman primates? We studied them to determine our own origins.

We have many similarities between us and nonhuman primates. Such as, tool use, long-lasting social relationships, and complex communication systems. But one thing struck me as odd. How are humans bipedal and most primates are quadrupedal except some primates who show bipedalism occasionally. By studying those
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“Nonhuman primates use odours,vocalizations, gestures and facial expression to tell the others their what they’re currently thinking and their present concerns”(Primate Behavior: Communication."
Primate Behavior: Communication. Web. 8 Dec. 2015.
). They use body odours to communicate also.

Just as to dogs, wolves, cats they mark their territory with their urine. With their body scent all over that specific area, it helps them fight off intruders and predators. If marking their territory doesn’t ward off intruders or predators, they start displaying agonistic gestures. Just like humans, they use threatening gestures, stares, and poses to intimidate others. Between all the calls, gestures and facials expressions, their communications becomes complex just like the human communication. But how can we differentiate the two? “The idea of the symbol versus the idea of a sign. Signs carry their own meaning and convey meaning straight to the perceiver. But symbols carry meaning for something else. They are intermediaries and they are abstractions from reality.”
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Growing up, we look at what our parents our doing and try to emulate it exactly how they do it. “So,the young learn survival skills from experienced, knowledgeable adults”(Primate Behavior: Adaptations of Group Living." Primate Behavior: Adaptations of Group Living. Web. 7 Dec. 2015.
By teaching their young ones on how to survive in the environment with others, they also develop an outstanding social skills. Within the group of primates, social skills is very important due to the fact the young ones would need to develop it to learn or even be able to adapt to the environment around them with the adult primates. Now, you can see, by studying non human primates, we can see how our behaviour and where we get it from, is from the primates.

In all honest opinion, I really didn’t think we shared as much traits behaviour wise with out primate relatives due to the simple fact that their primates and we’re humans. I only thought I only connection was that we evolved from primates to become humans.
So why do we study non human primates behaviour? We study them to determine

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