The Importance Of Community In The Brooklyn Community

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The needs in my Brooklyn community as well as others that are effected by the changes happening among minority adolescents and young men is evident by the increase population in the correctional facilities. Some blame the behavioral changes on ineffective parenting skills, poor supervision, rejection from the family, parents not caring enough to have consistent discipline or no discipline, also many children are born from adolescents or teen parents which is factor of poor parenting skills (Scott P. Sells, 2011).
It is important for adolescents to have a safe haven if there is not one in their home. There needs to be community centers that not only offer sports and activities, but mentoring programs like Big Brothers for young men in households
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Minority communities are no longer trusting of the criminal justice system working in their favor. We have observed in the media the Eric Garner’s case, Michael Brown in Fergusons, a young man killed in the stairwell of his Brooklyn apartment building by NYPD, many believed that the officers involved would be charged or imprisoned for their death and it did not happen. This was video and televised and the officers went free. So if the police approach any individual for whatever reason many people of color African Americans or Hispanics from pass experience are not trusting. And fearful of what may happen if they do not cooperate with the …show more content…
When the criminal justice professional are seeking new hire recruitments, one step to change is encouraging minorities to join. You can only hope that if the new criminal justice professionals from within your community are working with others in the criminal system they can express the anger and mistreatment that has been brought to our neighborhoods by the police. It may make a difference for a young person to see that they can be police, lawyers, and judges in the future instead of the prisoner standing before the criminal justice

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