Personal Narrative: The Cost Of College

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One of the most stressful part of high school is figuring out what you are going to do after you graduate. For the fortunate students, they apply to multiple colleges and universities, pray they get accepted, then carefully choose the school they want to go to. However, for many students, the process is not that simple. The cost of college can prevent students from attending their dream schools, even if they meet all of the qualifications and are accepted into the school. That is what happened to me. At first I was bummed and embarrassed; I saw all of my friends going off to live at amazing schools, and I was stuck in my hometown, driving to the local community college. However, now that I have transferred to a four-year university, there are three factors that have helped me realize that I made the perfect decision for myself.
Living at home with the best roommates.
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I tend not to do so well with change, and I become overwhelmed if too much is being asked of me. Therefore, I am thankful that I took this route to welcome the college life. My two semesters at community college pushed me out of my comfort zone. Throughout high school, I was timid and relied on my parents to do everything for me. Once I started college, I still had the luxury of living at home with the support of my parents, however, I had the opportunity to become more independent. It was my job to select course, to meet with professors and counselors, and to get myself to and from class. Community college slowed down the transition process, so too many changes did not happen too quickly. I do not think I would have gotten through the year as successfully if I had gone away to

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