The Importance Of Community Based Mental Health Care

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Register to read the introduction… The attendance clerk may notice excessive absences and alert the student’s assigned counselor, or the security officer may be called to break up yet another fight in which Tyler is involved. Discovery of need may occur when the vice principal hears of a student who committed a “zero-tolerance” offense, or it may happen when the school nurse notices marks of cutting or signs of depression. It may be the P.E. teacher overhears locker room conversation about a gang incident, the art teacher notices a persistent theme of blood, violence and death in a quiet antisocial student’s art work, or an English teacher reads a student’s paper telling of the recent loss of her parent or …show more content…
In most cases, under one of the following 3 conditions: 1) when a psychiatric diagnosis (as opposed to a determination of eligibility for special education services) is requested or deemed needful, 2) when psychological healing (as opposed to emotional/behavioral support for educational success) is the goal, or 3) when therapy (in contrast to educationally relevant behavior supports and counseling) is required or requested. Parents of course may choose to refer their child to a community based mental health service provider directly, without consultation with or referral from school personnel. It should be noted that if a parent is curious to know if his or her child has a mental disorder of some kind, or even a learning disability, but has no interest in having an IEP and would refuse special education services if offered, the school psychologist would typically refer this assessment out. As a general rule of thumb, school psychologists assess for special education eligibility, not for psychiatric or even learning disorders per se. When an assessment request is not directly related to the question of special education eligibility, it is typically referred

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