The Importance Of Communication Technology

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Throughout my childhood, I was consistently using communication technology to interact with others. I enjoy technology and figuring out how to use effectively use it effectively in my life. Because I was shy at a young age, I saw technology as way to communicate with kids my age and to escape reality. I use my phone to check my Facebook, Instagram, and email accounts when I am not near a computer. When I am working on homework at home, I use my laptop to check social media websites. I generally use my iPad on the couch or when I am travelling. I have learned in this class to communicate effectively while following the netiquette rules. Most of the netiquette is common sense, whereas, other tips are valuable information.
Scheuermann & Taylor
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Communication technology and the Internet have provided a way to become more involved with the public and paved a path for a better world. Furthermore, it offers effective business solutions and endless amount of accessible information (Burnett & Marshall, 2003, p. 8). I am aware of how I use technology, and for what purposes since completing A Day Without CMC Assignment. From that experience, I believe I can live without social media because nothing bad will happen if I take a break from it. I am dependent on technology because I use it as a medium to efficiently check social media, email, music, and chat with friends. I also use it to complete homework and perform research for any projects. Positive impacts in my life are that I can accessible anything with the help of electronic device while staying connected. As for negatives, I may not have the genuine experience of being surrounded by friends when texting my …show more content…
Valkenburg, Schouten, & Peter discusses how teenage girls are more likely to participate in self-exploration with their online identities than boys. Additionally, they found that introverts are likely to explore with online identities than extraverts (Valkenburg, Schouten, & Peter, 2005, p. 396). I was extremely shy, eager to create my identity, and be able to get to know people with ease (p. 384). Thurlow, Lengel, & Tomic (2004) talks about identity and how an individual thinks about themselves or which stories to tell others. In this way, people are creating their identity in the presence of others, also known as identity construction (p. 96). I have the ability to make long-lasting friendships online when I struggle to make friends in person. I do not have the desire to pretend to be someone who is flirtatious or something that I am not (Valkenburg, Schouten, & Peter, 2005, p. 389). More importantly, I would rather be truthful about who I am and not keep track of lies. Making friends online can be beneficial, however, making traditional friendships in person could be effective in the long

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