Communication Metrics In Project Management

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Communication, Metrics, and Project Updates
Communication in project management is necessary to ensure that the management team - project managers, functional managers, and in this situation, the PMO - are in sync to clearly identify and communicate the project requirements. The communication metrics is an integral part of the monitoring and controlling process used to communicate updates, to include status of the project milestones and deliverables. The communication process or protocol is usually identified in a communication management plan based on specific tasks or questions developed during a project’s planning stage (Mepyans-Robinson, 2006):
• Who will make decisions on issues?
• Who will develop an action list of tasks and who will
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Based on the information discussed under each of the project management components, TLS Consultants recommend that the PMO review critical components - project selection and prioritization, planning and scheduling, and monitoring and controlling.
Project selection and prioritization. It is not uncommon for larger scale organizations such as the GIG to operate in a multi-project environment. TLS Consultants understand that it is critical to maintain consistency for project management; nonetheless, it is recommended that abbreviated versions of project planning steps are created for smaller projects. This revision can be implemented in the form of a checklist, where project managers only apply the step if it pertains to the project. Furthermore, the GIG PMO should consider prioritizing its projects based schedule and deliverables due date, instead of focusing on grouping projects according to value. The GIG PMO is currently entertaining the process of grouping project based on dollar amount; however, a difference in value may not equate to a difference in time required to complete. The core process improvement areas identified
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If the GIG PMO opts to implement the recommendation from TLS Consultants, a survey questionnaire will be administered for all employees to complete; one immediately after this proposal is accepted, one six months later, and a third six months following the second survey. The survey will be developed to address and track the topics shown in table 1. This information will be will be used to monitor and analyze the impact of the recommended changes, the GIG PMO project management progress, to determine if current project management processes are effective as implemented, and to answer questions generated during the GIG PMO

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