The Importance Of Communication In Written Communication

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Definition of communication varies widely, but with similar ideas. Communication is the exchange of information between people for example by speaking, writing or using signs or behaviors.
Lievrouw (2007) defined communication as the process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others in a particular, place and time. It includes writing and talking as well as facial expression, body movement or gesture.
Communication is also the process by which intentions are perceived and understanding reached among human beings whether in terms of written or spoken words, silence, use of eye, smiling, frowning, hand shaking in approval of disapproval, gestures, facial expression and body posturing (Nwachukwu, 2009).
Communication means good
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Surrounding: room size, lighting, decorations, furnishing.
 Body language (kinetics): facial expressions, gestures, postures.
 Sounds (paralanguage): voice note, volume, speech rate, whistling.
WRITTEN COMMUNICATION In written communication, written signs or symbols are used to communicate. A written message may be printed or hand-written. In written communication, message can be transmitted via email, letter, report, memo e.t.c. Message in written communication is influenced by the vocabulary and grammar used, grammar style, precision, and clarity of the language used. Written communication is most common form of communication being used in business. So, it is considered core among business skills. For communicating with external environment in writing, electronic mail, internet web sites, letters, proposals, telegrams, faxes, postcards, contracts, advertisements, brochures, and news releases are used. (
1. It provides records.
2. It provides references
3. It provides legal defenses.
4. It provides uniformity in policy and

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