The Importance Of Communication In The Healthcare System

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In the body of my essay I will be expounding on the importance of communication especially within the health care system. It is important to practice good communication skills with your patients and employee’s because it helps see your point of view on certain aspects an also brings a mutual understanding between yourself, your patients and also your colleagues . According to the ‘ Carol R . Taylor , Carol Lillis , Priscilla LeMone and Pamela Lynn Fundamental of Nursing ( 2010) ‘ , communication is defined as interchanging of information and generating and transmitting meanings between two or more individual , without communication it will be difficult to share expressions , explanations , or even to acquire knowledge . …show more content…
Examples in which SBAR’s are used in the hospital are , firstly situation , is the process in which the nurse communicates with the doctor over the telephone or any other forms of communication , in which the nurse explains what are the symptoms the patient is experiencing to the doctor . Secondly , Background is what the nurse stated about the patient a nurse can obtain these information from the patient’s medical chart , for instance the patient is having problems breathing as a shown by the paleness of the patients skin an also the expanding an contracting movement of the patient’s diaphragm. Thirdly Assessment , is the process in which the information …show more content…
When communicating with a patient and their family whom are not happy about the care that is being given to them it is best to be sensitive and conscious about how you handle the situation, because one’s tone of voice , gestures and facial expressi2on can send off the wrong message to the patient . another factor can be that nurses have to build a connection with their patient and their families, you can see this happening more in a pediatric ward in that if the child does not have an connection with the nurse, they may disclose little or no information , which may prohibit effective health care from happening . Similarly it’s good to thoroughly explain the treatments or procedures to your patient or patients’ family , reason being it makes the patient have a better understanding about what is going on , an also enables the patient to be more comfortable in taking the treatments an procedures . For example in a situation where miscommunication occurs in a critical procedures for instance a surgery , an while transporting the patient to the operating theater he/ she explains to you that they are not aware of what is about to happen , it’s your duty as a nurse to explain to the patient , before he/ she goes into the

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