The Importance Of Communication In Human Resource Management

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Communication is an essential part of any business or organization to succeed (Joseph, 2014). Communication in any organization has three vital functions to inform, persuade and motivate employees. Managers use motivation so the employees will perform to their fullest potential and reach the highest level of productivity (Joseph, 2014). Using incentives is another successful tool of motivation, if the expectations are not just met, but succeeded that they can expect a bonus at the end of the year or a project. Another example of companies using communication is through the form of control over the employees and the work environment (Joseph, 2014). Human Resource policies and procedures are an example of communications; these forms control how …show more content…
The grapevine stretches throughout an entire organization in all directions and levels of authority and is just a natural part of human behavior. When you have an active grapevine it usually is a sign of employees being bored and creating their own excitement (Green, 2012). An additional reason is poor communication within the organization, when workers feel left in the dark they believe information can be found out other ways (Green, 2012). Unfortunately the grapevine fuels anxiety and creates conflicts and issues in departments (Lorette, 2014). Informal communication is not all negative; it has some useful purposes like team building. This type of communication allows employees to express their feelings instead of keeping it in and causing stress and anxiety that also affect productivity (Lorette, 2014). There are a few ways you can help prevent or manage grapevine. Managers need to keep an eye on workloads, keep employees informed and engage with them on a regular basis. (Green,

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