The Importance Of Communication In A Healthcare Environment

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In this essay I will be highlighting the importance of communication when promoting a therapeutic relationship in a healthcare environment. Communication is important when maintaining a therapeutic relationship as it gives carers the ability to effectively recognize the behaviour of each patient in their care, realising that each behaviour has a different meaning to an individual with their own needs and values which should be respected. Treating the patient with a high quality of care in a Safe Working Place. Providing a respectable relationship with a patient also benefits a carer into gaining valuable skills for future therapeutic relations while having the ability to be able to connect and have an honourable relationship with someone based …show more content…
In healthcare communication is vital as good communication allows a high standard of care, Understanding and meeting a patient’s needs and requirements to make them feel comfortable and happy, however there are many barriers that can affect good communication such as languages, lack of good communication, lack of proper training and disabilities such as someone with speech difficulties (First Steps, 2015). Working within a healthcare environment carers in the profession are expected to work around these factors, ensuring that the high quality of care for a patient is being delivered, making sure the patient’s needs are being met. When communicating with a patient a carer must make sure they are speaking clearly, accurately and appropriately according to the patient’s age, culture or language. The correct tone of voice is always important in communication as you are wanting the patient to feel that they are being heard and not holding you back from other duties, working within a care profession can be busy and fast paced making you feel as if you may be being rushed off your feet, being able to focus on the patient without your voice becoming inpatient or rushed can become a vital skill for effective communication. Non Verbal communication is often described as body language, having bad body language can create a barrier between patient and carer. A carer should be able to tell how a patient is feeling through their body, looking out for signs such as the body posture,eye contact and facial expressions. Having good posture with a patient means giving the patient the right amount of space, not towering over them if they are sitting down, being on the correct level with them making them feel comfortable. Keeping good eye contact

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