The Importance Of Colonization Of America

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Register to read the introduction… It could be called mankind's fatal flaw. This can be shown through the colonization of America. In the beginning, America was truly the untouched beauty. Buffalo were in overabundance in the Great Plains, and in New England, lobsters were so common that they were used for not only eating, but for potato fertilizer (Weston 354). Now it is not the case, the Buffalo are confined to few sanctuaries across the U.S. and lobster, not as common anymore, are considered somewhat of a delicacy in many restaurants. It may seem trivial, but the reason that "civilized" man came to America is because of arrogance. Now, to the best of my knowledge, the Mayflower brought the outcast Puritans from England to America. The Puritans were a people of conviction; otherwise they would have dealt with the lack of religious freedom in England. Both of the aforementioned parties are arrogant, for a lack of tolerance of another man's religion is seen as arrogance by today's standards; and the conviction to leave one's home and travel through barley-charted waters to an relatively unknown place in search of a better home may also be seen as a form of arrogance. The example of the early settlers is not the only instance that arrogance is related to environmental destruction. Wars, unnecessary expansion of habitat, and hunting (especially animals protected under the Endangered Species Act) are all products of arrogance that have lead to devastation of the Earth's …show more content…
The problem that is the main focus of concern is if an increase in population necessitates an increase of arrogance. It does seem to be a causal relation between the two, unless the intelligence level is taken into account. If the intelligence doubles every X amount of years, then the level of arrogance should decrease; although it probably will not half itself in the same X amount of years. Since population can only increase within a temporal relation, there will be a fluctuation in the levels of arrogance and intelligence. Intelligence will increase faster than our level of arrogance will decrease. As more people become more intelligent, there arrogance should dissipate when they realize all of the carnage they have caused, which is only a matter of

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