Importance Of Recruiting Practices To Enroll In River Community College

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Every year students enroll in River Community College, but unfortunately, many of them withdraw without completing their courses. One study of American adults finds that 31.3% of adults did not complete programs they began (Patterson & Paulson, 2011, p. 9). While many are motivated to continue their education by promises of improved employment, job stability and satisfaction, and personal motivations such as content interest and self improvement considerations, as well as familial and societal pressures, there are also many barriers to students successes (Patterson & Paulson, 2011 p. 28). In 2008, only 20% of new students enrolling are within the traditional age group of 18 to 22 years of age (C. Johnson, 2008, p. 4). This results in a larger …show more content…
It is important for colleges to examine their recruiting and retaining practices. The Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department of Grand Rapids Community College states, “It costs more to recruit a student than it does to retain a student” (2011, para. 6). Future employers also need to be concerned with retention and degree completion. According to Johnson’s 2008 article, “Adult Higher Education: Access and Innovation”, there will be only “ 3 million workers with college credentials by 2020” which will not cover the “estimated 15 million new jobs … that will require college education”. These positions will need diverse students with a variety of skills, including the languages that create barriers to learning in the classrooms, the experience that comes from the employment that had interrupted the traditional timeline of education acquisition, and the problem solving skills that come from brains that think …show more content…
River Community College has literacy support services for students through tutoring, literacy services, and contact through professors and the departments of Student Success and Retention. The college also provides training for imbedding literacy support in courses as well as the ability to refer students through the Early Alert System.
Research Goal

The purpose of this action research study is to discover the frequency and consistency of use of the literacy support services for students and professors at River Community College. At this stage of the research, the literacy support services will generally be described as the tools and services needed to develop and support the literacy of the students at River Community College.

Rationale for this Research

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