The Importance Of College Students In College

Does relationships, money, possessions, religion, make a person happy? According to the dictionary, happy is a state of being delighted, pleased, or glad, over a particular thing (“happy”). Many would disagree with this statement. Outside things can not make a person happy, because it comes from within the person. A person can live their life how they chose, it all comes from whats going on inside them (Henri). Everyone is searching for happiness in life, even college students. College students have a great amount of things to balance in the school year, from social life to doing laundry. Despite all the pressure and stress that is put on a college student there is hope for happiness. There are lots of reasons for a college student to be unhappy. They …show more content…
Students need to make realistic goals of college. There are going to be some day that a college student will not be happy and they need to accept that. Another thing students must realize is that there is a whole world outside or campus. Once college drama starts it will be nice to the student if they have a place of campus to relax. College student need to learn how to think before they act. They should be aware about how, when, where, and why they express their feelings. Finally, college students should be a good friend to themselves. Even though a student will make a great deal of friends they will find themselves alone (Lippert). Again, happiness comes from within so thinking will affect college students happiness. Happy people make other people happy and more of that is needed in college. Therefore college students should put on a smiling face and infected their peers. Imagine a campus of student who are awake in class and who radiate positive vibes. College student need to change their view on the world and there lives will change for the better. And that is what a college student needs to do to be

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