The Importance Of College Readiness For High School Students

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Every year, many studies are conducted to look at college readiness for high school graduates. These studies focus on the education basics; writing, reading, and math. But many other factors can lead to a student being college ready. In recent years, some studies have started to look at the skills, outside the academic arena, that students need to master to be college ready. One topic that has started to take a role in readiness is the ability to handle finances. Most high school curriculum does not have personal finance included. It has been squeezed out to make room for other subjects.
In a 2015 study of 42,000 first-time college students conducted by Money Matters on Campus, several financial habits showed as lacking
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These experiences usually are accompanied by new challenges. For most of these students, a major challenge is they lack the knowledge base needed to take care of their own finances. Understanding where their money goes now can translate into how they handle major financial issues later in life. Planning spending, looking for “trickles”, and learning to save, even a little, can make their first year in college a little easier and in turn help them be successful later in life.
Current vs. Ideal Conditions
Currently more and more high schools are removing or diluting personal financial education in order to keep the curriculum up to date with state education standards. To address this trend, many colleges and universities have tried to provide resources and workshops to bolster the financial literacy of continuing college students. This effort is often not successful due to lack of resources and personnel.
The ideal condition is to create better informed students before they embark on their college career. This will allow them to concentrate more on the educational aspect of higher education. In addition, it will allow colleges and universities to use the resources available for either advance financial education (investment, retirement planning, employment benefits, long term financial goal setting, mortgages, etc.) or on professional training for career planning and so
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Following is the list of responses.
1. Well-organized person that knows how to save money well is a good money manager. This is true because they know how to save, what to save, and how much to save for every need and want.
2. A good money manager is able to budget based on importance of each part. He know clearly what is a need and what is a want, and can make the most out of his money by spending wisely and being frugal.
3. A good manager of money has a budget planned out for each month that includes all expenses, income, savings and extra money.
4. Saving money and spending it wisely is what makes someone a good money manager.
5. Knowing the value of a dollar. Being able to balance Income and expenses while keeping some income leftover. Knowing the difference between wants and needs.
6. A person with a lot of patience, and with a good understanding on how money works.
7. A good money manager executes and implements their ideas. They have to know what they want and what they need.
8. Someone who saves and does not waste.
9. A good money manager is a person who knows the difference between needs and wants and the proper way to attain such things without drowning themselves in

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