The Importance Of College Prepar People For Life

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The world is a pretty tough place in which to survive let alone live in. We may think we know it all intuitively. I believe everyone needs a helping hand, unless they are born privileged.
A controversial topic is whether students should continue their education to be successful. Some say you do not have to attend college to be successful. However, there are multiple benefits to attending college, such as opportunities to build character, networking and job related skills.
American’s have a method of painstaking telling the youth to attend college though out their lives. So the question is, does college prepare a person for life? As Freeman Hrabowski highlighted in his article Colleges Prepare People for Life, “Yes, colleges prepare people for
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Though some would disagree that college is the best way to achieve this goal, others would say the structure will play to be a great bonus. With all facts made college is a great way to learn the ins and outs of what is truly desired of a person who wants to give back to the community successfully.
In conclusion to tie all things true into what I believe college is the way to go for the people that truly want to know how to make it in the world today. College has been beneficial to my life. I have chosen to be better the best way I know how. I come from a family of either you attend college or be all you can be in the military. Either option chosen, I have to be the one to make a name for myself. College has made me a better person through instruction and guidance.
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Educate the Educated up a plan as to how I will give back to my community by opening up a way for the area to come and flourish successfully. In closing though there are naysayers on the subject of college they have to take in to consideration what is good for one may not be good for all. Though the ones like me that need the extra guidance through college, I say go for it and get your degrees to give back to the

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