The Importance Of College Life

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Register to read the introduction… I saw a few friendly faces, and moving into the dorm was a breeze when I recruited the help of friends that my roommate had already made in the two days that she was there before me. My sister helped me fix my room to make it look as homey as it possibly could. We moved around the beds, I set up my computer. All of the boxes were soon empty, and the shelves and drawers were filled. Even after dinner, when I had said my goodbyes to my mom, dad, and sister my college worries appeared to be gone. For the next two days all that I did was hang out, I made friends, watched movies. I even took the initiative to find all of my classes, and the different buildings that I would be hauling my books, binders, and self to everyday. I was still surprisingly calm, and thought that this was it, I have found where I need to be right now, and this is my fit.

The first day of classes came and I stared to feel the apprehension coming back. I hit the snooze button twice and finally forced my self out of bed. I ended up getting myself ready in a hurry, and found myself waiting, and
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As the weekend approached I left the dorm and I went camping with some of the new friends that I had made. Over the few weeks that I had known them we grew so close that it felt as if I had known them my whole life. We stayed up late around the fire and talking in the tent. The four of us even went on a hike or a little adventure everyday of the weekend. When Monday rolled around I began to miss home, but the strange thing was that it wasn’t my cocoon of a home that I missed. I had created a new life in the few short weeks that I had lived in Flagstaff. I found a family in the friends that I made, and wanted to see them again, ask them about their weekends and simply make sure that everything that I made was still

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