The Importance Of College Level Writing

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College-level writing is a necessity to be able to reach some of the goals I have set for me, not only throughout my college days, but for my future career as well. I would like to go into politics some day, and as many know that requires a strenuous amount of writing if you plan on persuading people to vote for you. So the earlier I master writing the better off I will be in the future, when I have a big speech coming up, or maybe if I go into business as a corporate official need to make some statements. Either way, being able to write collegiately is a necessity no matter what route I take in fulfilling a successful and proper role in the writing side of my career. When someone gets to that level where they can type a paper with little to …show more content…
As a writer of a paper you want to do everything in your power to be able to get the point across that you are trying to make. For instance, in writing a synthesis paper my English professor, Deborah Schwartz, states, “you must use at least two sources to support each idea in a synthesis.” See for different types of papers there are different requirements, and if you follow these requirements you will have the most effective paper to reach your audience. The audience that reads this paper expects it to be the type it is suppose to be, and if it is not then the reader will be confused and you point will be lost. My instructor also talks about how in a summary and a critique we should not include a personal opinion. This is very important or it could be a major turn off for the reader if they do not necessarily agree with your personal opinion, which is not what you want. Now there are different types of papers that you may include your personal opinion, but not in things such as a summary or a critique. My instructor through these constant comments has made it clear to me depending on the style of writing you are producing you must follow requirements to reach the audience and get the right point of the essay

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