Narrative Essay On Private High School

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A typical afternoon after school, my car pulled into the driveway. The air was cold and the sky was already dark. My phone buzzed with friends saying that they received their high school acceptance letters. I attended St. Andrew Apostle, a private middle school, and the norm was to also go to a private high school. Walking towards the mailbox outside, my phone kept buzzing. As I opened it, I immediately noticed three envelopes, two big and one small. Although I already knew what a small envelope meant, I still opened it hoping I was waitlisted. Sadly, Gonzaga College High School, my first pick, rejected me. Consumed by anger and sadness, I forgot of the two other envelopes. Since sixth grade, I wanted to attend Gonzaga for its prestige for …show more content…
Anselm’s. So overwhelmed with self-doubt, I forgot one very important thing. St. Anselm’s accepted me, meaning that even if I struggled at the moment, I had the potential to do well. I recalled of when I went through a similar situation in middle school. I realized that, like in middle school, St. Anselm’s is another obstacle I must overcome, like a wall I have to climb over. I realized that St. Anselm’s is much more different than any other school and if I wanted to stay there it would take much more determination. Amongst my newfound resilience, I also spent a lot of time with my friends from my old school. Feeling as if I did not have many new friends, I spent almost every weekend with my old friends. They helped me get through my freshman year as they distracted me from the grind of every week. They became a living reminder that something good always came from every challenge. Have I quit at the first sign of difficulty I would have never stayed at St. Andrews and I would have never made such great …show more content…
Anselm’s next year. I still have nights when I go to bed after midnight and days when the workload feels unbearable. Of the three years that I have attended St. Anselm, about ten students have left the school, which at first glance does not seem much until you take into consideration that our entering freshman class was originally forty students. This means a fourth of the starting class has left since I first came to the school freshman year. The reality is that I have the opportunity that most do not get, and have the responsibility to try my best, and not give up at the first sign of difficulty. I have made new friends and I still hang out with my old friends. St. Anselm’s is proof to me that something good always come from facing challenges head on, rather than running away from them, even if they are unexpected. Four years ago I never even heard of St. Anselm’s and even less wanted to attend it, as I had my eyes so focused on Gonzaga that I forgot that there were other options and that sometimes the path we want is not always the right one. It is my sophomore year and I can honestly say that I cannot imagine going anywhere but St. Anselm’s. It is not only a school, but a second home, where I see everyone as brothers, and where I discover something new about myself every

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