Argument Essay: Where Are We Ready For College?

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Majority of the seniors of class of 2015 is ready for college. A lot of us are just ready to move out of our house. Graduation high school isn’t end, it’s only the beginning, before we graduate high school, and we all need to be college ready. A lot of our teachers are preparing us for college and they are teaching the students what will be taught in college and what we will expect. College is very different than high school. In college there is way more work we have to do in college than in high school. In college there is second chance. If the professor says that a homework assignment is due one day, then it is due. In college the professors do not treat us like they do in high school. As a senior in high school my teacher makes sure that we are very prepared, …show more content…
it was very hard for me to work things out because I didn’t know how was college life was like. People kept on telling me that it was only a technical college and that I was such a big deal. But to me college is college. College is an experience you do not want to forget, but many people think that college is a waste of time and money. Many people think that college is a waste of money because not everybody thinks that college is for everybody. Many people can be use forty grand for other stuff, like cars, and houses. If people want to use that money for college than really that isn’t a waste of time or money. They can use that money for college so that they can go and graduate and finally live their own lives. People use money for college through scholarships and loans and maybe grants. The government gives money to those that are going to college based on their income. If you make a lot more than your not going to receive much from the government but if you make less or none then you will receive much more. I dreamed about going to college ever since I was a child. I loved thinking about my

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