Negatives Of College Education

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College education is a long experience that can potentially help you mature your intelligence as well as yourself. When you graduate with the degree of your greatest goals, your life completely changes as you take your first steps into the career of your dreams. Unfortunately, this isn 't always the case if you happen to obtain a degree involving liberal arts. A common debate involving education is whether or not liberal arts are worth teaching anymore. They have been shown to be very narrow with expanding education as it all comes down to facts rather than experimentation such as science or mathematics. A college degree in a subject of liberal arts is not worth it as most people can 't put it to good use as it diminishes an open mind, the …show more content…
A student getting bad grades doesn 't just mean that the student failed, but the teacher failed as well. Even if a student with poor grades attends college after high school they will most likely struggle with the same problems they had in high school which is mainly due to poor teaching. This seems like a fair accusation towards teachers as "Colleges and universities are businesses" (Nemko 2) which can hurt students more than they think. This doesn 't just harm liberal arts education, but college education as a whole. With budget issues, teachers are either used to do their own research in education or classes are taught in large unorganized groups of students. If students are taught in this manner, they will either get a bad teacher who can 't educate the masses or the class will be too big to properly teach every student. (Nemko 2-3). The issue with this is that not only will students have to deal with less experienced teachers who are less familiar with good teaching skills, but the potential of understanding the classes and enjoying them will diminish and discourage students from looking deeper into their classes. any student can learn anything, but it takes a well connected teacher and a well connected student to experience education. Schools need the best teachers possible as their teaching skills can encourage students to keep an open mind on career paths. Just like a liberal arts degree, bad teachers give students no extra opportunities for the

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